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Around 80% or more of the business activities are controlled by contracts. Contracts are a fundamental part of every business. If you're a young startup or a large organization probably you'll manage hundreds of contracts . These include partnership agreements non-disclosure agreements and general employment contracts. equipment and property agreements The list of contracts is endless. How efficiently are you handling them? Do you use paper sheets, spreadsheets and other outdated systems? Are you thinking about changing to contract management systems? If so, this article is for.

contract management

Before you invest in a contract management system, ensure that you study the seven issues to avoid costly mistakes.

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Does your software have AI capabilities?

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With the abundance of contractsin the market, maintaining consistency management of contracts, and collecting essential data is many challenges. Many organizations don't have a uniform method for organizing contract databases. Consider, your enterprise has several procurement contracts with various renewal dates and renegotiation terms. A team of personnel might have to devote hours in tracing, reviewing and recording the data to ensure you don't miss any opportunities. If you opt to use an automated contract system that is powered by AI, this job will be done in mere minutes. By using Doc.AI capabilities, information such as contract titles, renewal dates agreements, and other terms of negotiation can be extracted. This makes it much easier to do reviews, approvals and sign-offs.

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This isn't all of it. In addition, advanced contract management systems equipped with AI capabilities allow you to review contract clauses, compare clauses and classify contracts according to the type of clauses. AI-enabled CMS will assist with keeping up with changing regulations. NLP examines each document to highlight the threats and opportunities.

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Are there standard templates for contract for editing and drafting?

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Contracts are among the most laborious tasks. You can imagine just how laborious it could make it to prepare documents with similar clauses, terms and conditions, jargons, and almost identical content hundreds of times. That's why your CMS is required to have simple templates and clause libraries in several areas. If you make use of these templates that have been approved by your legal and editorial teams, you can swiftly draft contracts with no language flaws. Plus, the ability to centralize and standardize contracts means you get 360-degree view of the contracts to trace the contracts with filters that can be customized and collaborate with peers to review, edit and store.

What's the ROI potential? What is the amount my company can save?

The savings numbers are most convincing factors that will help you make the right decision whether you should make the investment in a management tool or not. A study by Goldman Sachs concluded that an automated contract management system could increase the speed of negotiations by 50 percent, cut down on payment error by 75-90 percent, decrease the expense in managing contracts by between 10 and 30 percent , and cut down the staff required for contract management of 10 to 20 percent. It is true that contract management certainly can be a cost-effective option, but only if it's chosen wisely.

Ideally, you should take into consideration elements such as time spent on audits and tracking renewal dates lower disputes in contracts or the creation of new opportunities reduced sales cycle.

Does the solution have the ability to be adapted?

Nearly every service provider in markets claims they provide solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of every organization. However, does this guarantee that it will always be true? Instead of spending a fortune for customization, take a look at the process workflow, critical steps as well as the improvements that are needed. then explore options with more precise questions.

For example, in a typical contract management workflow that is completed by the author, when the author writes the documents the system is able to automatically route the document to the person who approves. However, rather than relying on this simple option, a customisation could include an email containing the document link sent to the approver. The link should work or work with any device, including smartphones, tablets as well as desktops.

However highly customizable software could also make the software difficult and difficult to use, and simplicity could also be too simple. Thus, it's always good idea to look at how the software works and the capabilities of the team that will be using the software , and then make a decision on how to tailor it.

What are some of the special features or highlights that can be used to reduce manual procedures?

The contracts in a system for contract management are stored in a centralized, secure and searchable database with user-based access. This allows maximum compliance and large-scale reports. For instance, contracts can be traced easily and the review and signing can be automated through electronic signatures. Another option is measurement and analytics. To obtain information on how long it took negotiations, contract participants best contract management software will be able to analyze obstructions, as well as the number of iterations as well as create comprehensive reports. This will also aid in extending clause libraries, as well as providing insight into past performance, and decreasing the time to complete a contract.

Another important aspect to look at is the redlining of contracts or editing. Redlining is the act of highlighting text to indicate additions, modifications or deletions, as well as approvals and rejections. This feature is very useful particularly when more than two people are working on the same document collaboratively. This allows more flexibility while reviewing and negotiating contracts.

How easy is it to set up and use?

A contract management application which has a simple interface with simple-to-use features is sure to be adored by your customers. To maximise the benefit in the process of deploying, it is best to integrate it with existing systems , which will reduce the need to move between different platforms. For example, integrating CRM and the new contract software could assist sales representatives to automate send customer information to create contracts and forward them for approval, in addition to being in charge of the renewals, expirations and other important dates.

The next step is to look for the process of onboarding. It is ideal if it's an existing solution, meaning that you can begin to live and operational within a few weeks' time. Keep in mind that lengthy deployment cycles are not viable anymore.

7. Can the data and private information be secure?

The last but not least Data security is of vital importance. Because contracts contain highly confidential and sensitive information It is imperative to secure them from unauthorized access in order to earn the trust of your circle whether that be your partners, vendors or clients. In addition, the growing number of security threats and cyberattacks put companies at the possibility of legal insolvencies, financial and brand risks. If you are about maintaining the trust of your business partners Check to make sure that your supplier hasn't experienced any major data or security breaches.

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