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DJ Mzenga Man End Of The Year Cypher 2021

KMP was formed in 2009 with the goal of promoting authenticity of Zambian music. The concert showcased gospel, afro-pop dancinghall, R'n'B, dancehall and hip-hop. The event also showcased The talents of Uncle Rex one of the city's hip-hop star. The event was hosted by DJ Cosmo. The show was followed with a torchlight memorial in honour of Daev Zambia.


The event was also the first there was a concert at the stadium. Over five hundred people were in attendance, with the VIP area packed to capacity. The performers were Chanda Na Kay, Dope Boyz, Wilz, Mozegetar, T-Bwoy, Leo Muntu and others. Many upcoming and emerging artists performed during the event and the VIP section was jam-packed.

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The performers who performed at the event included newcomers aswell as established artists. They included the Dope Boys, Wilz, Mozegetar, T.Bwoy and Leo Muntu performed. This was the most popular section of VIP and people enjoyed every minute of it. The VIP section was brimming with people and the show became a sellout. It was an incredible evening. It was a fantastic way to kick-start a new musical time.

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After the concert the following night, there was a party with the musicians and VIP guests. Chanda Na Kay Dope Boyz, Wilz, Mozegetar, T-Bwoy, Leo Muntu and T-Bwoy played to a packed room. The VIP section was crowded as was the VIP section in the main venue. Alongside a VIP section there was also a stage for the show.

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The evening began with the appearance of the duo of Muntu and Wilz The crowd got to experience a fresh era of Zambian music. The VIP section was packed and even the section for VIPs was brimming with fans. All of the bands were enjoying themselves, and the VIP section was filled to capacity with fans enjoying the night. It was a very successful evening with the bands and people who attended. The show sold out within about an hour.

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The concert kicked off by Chanda Na Kay, Dope Boyz, Wilz, Mozegetar, T-Bwoy, and Leo MUNTU performing the latest generations of music. Inside the VIP portion, it was full of fans , and the VIP section was filled with musicians and music lovers. The concert was packed with Zambian musicians. All the artists performed to their patrons. The VIP section was packed with fans.

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The VIP area was crammed with music enthusiasts and the an area for VIPs was jam-packed. During the show, some of the most popular performers were Leo Muntu, Chanda Na Kay, Dope Boyz, Wilz, and T-Bwoy. A new era of Zambian music was born. The audience was welcomed with welcoming arms as they danced and sang. Both the artists and spectators were delighted.

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As the night progressed, VIP seats were sold out, and the VIP area was packed with concert goers. A wide range of performers were on stage. The lineup included Dope Boyz, Wilz, Mozegetar, T-Bwoy, and Leo Muntu. The VIP section was packed with fans. After the concert the audience went home feeling happy. They walked away feeling more than happy.

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The VIP room was filled with guests and fans. Diverse artists performed during this show. The new wave of music was introduced with performances in the form of Chanda Na Kay Dope Boyz, Wilz, and Mozegetar. The VIP area was filled with spectators and VIP members. On blogfreely.net/lendailvxl/img-gb3x the night of the concert, there was a VIP section. It was for free. The event was very successful. It was free and open to the public.

The VIP section of the festival was filled with fans. The audience was filled with Zambian performers. They performed for large crowds. The section for VIPs was full of VIPs. It was a big success with the music industry. It was a very popular turnout in the audience and it was full. The VIP section of the concert was packed with fans. The concert was a huge event. The VIP section of the event was jammed with people.